Sabrina & Craig have been called alot of things -- "incredibly entertaining;" "an act that emits an abundance of love and wit, both personally and musically;" " fantastic, sophisticated, spirited, and intelligent;" and "a festival for the ears and soul thing." 

  Whatever people call "it," we love sharing it and although our musical tastes vary dramatically (we each have over 500 record albums with not a single one in common!), you can be sure that we've found a way to bring that wide array of musical tastes into harmony -- creating our own original music and unique arrangements of select cover songs. 

Sabrina & Craig’s signature sound is rooted in their heartfelt connection enveloping audiences in luscious harmonies anchored upon Craig’s finely-crafted guitar voicings and award-winning finger-style playing which emerges as a third voice. The duo builds on their strong musicality by writing lyrics that are at turns sophisticated and witty yet honestly heart breaking. 

The blend of Craig’s straight-up, storyteller style and Sabrina’s sometimes sweet, sometimes sassy, always dynamic performances have delighted audiences at festivals, house concerts, private events, and senior centers across the country.

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Sabrina & Craig
Sabrina & Craig
Story songs filled with clever wordplay, tight harmonies, pathos, heartfelt emotion, humor, and a touch of Broadway
The LA husband and wife team of Sabrina & Craig have been honing their act for quite some time now. Craig bills himself as the "World's Greatest Diving Fingerpicker.", having won an Olympic medal in competitive diving, and, he truly is a gifted guitar player. Sabrina, a 6' 2" blue eyed blond, is a dynamic entertainer whose theatre background serves the act well. She also adds bass, ukelele, and percussion to the mix

Together they write story songs filled with clever wordplay, tight harmonies, pathos, heartfelt emotion, humor, and a touch of Broadway.
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