Critically acclaimed and award winning Americana singer-songwriters Coco and Lafe, currently charting in the top 5 of the Roots Music Report write and perform character driven story songs. Think John Prine meets Kurt Vonnegut. 

With a house in Vermont, and an apartment in San Diego, the unusual duo are on a national tour of 120 Farmers Markets, house concerts and listening rooms, underwritten by Real Time Farms, an online nationwide local food guide.

Coco and Lafe have created their own niche to follow their passion for songwriting.  The two baby boomers play at 4 to 7 farmers markets per week, inviting the hundreds of listeners at each market to spend an evening with them at a local listening room or house concert. Their 2011 release of 12 original songs, entitled “Big Bang!”, is currently being played on 172 acoustic radio programs in five countries and has just been picked up in the U.S. by Americana Radio Promoter Bill Wence. 

They aren’t strangers to the music scene. They’ve both won songwriting awards, Coco has been on Conan O’Brien twice as a backup singer for the wonderful Rebecca Pidgeon. She hit both Billboard and the Country charts with a bullet for “New England Song”. She was in the original, Boston cast of “Hair”.

Lafe worked for record companies for many years, released a studio album of 14 original songs in 2005 (including the “Folk Song of the Year” (Prayin’ for Rain) (with grammy nominated producer Mark Greenberg)

They have just released their fifth CD "Big Bang!" which is being promoted to Americana Radio by Bill Wence Promotions and to press by SkySail Publicity, who are also coordinating the national tour publicity campaign.

They write most of their songs on the steering wheel and travel with their manager, Lilla, a small beagle. (If you watch her closely you’ll notice she lip-syncs to all the words.)

Photo by John Hancock
International Troubadours
Holding steady in the top 3 in the Roots Music Report (folk) International Radio Play list!!
Coco (Carolyn) Kallis and Lafe (rhymes with “waif”) Dutton write and perform original blues-based acoustic music. Sponsored by Real Time Farms, a crowd sourced “Farm to Fork” online food guide, they tour farmers markets nationally on the "Get Fresh" tour to promote eating healthy and buying local in addition to their house concert and library series performances. They will be performing at over 150 farmers markets and house concerts coast to coast this year.

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Coco & Lafe (and Lilla beagle)
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