Free Acoustic Showcase

The San Diego County Library Acoustic Showcase is a community partnership that enriches our lives through a live perfomance series in San Diego, highlighting world-class talent that is created and rooted in our community.

Bottom-line:  libraries are much more than books and this series supports SDCL’s mission to inform, educate, inspire and entertain our community in not only our brick and mortar libraries, but also virtually 24/7 with SDCL Online, the Virtual Branch.

The fabric of community is woven and enhanced in our shared experience through culture, literature music and dance. To that end, SDCL welcomes this new project that nurtures our traditional role as archivist and advocate for information education and culture and takes that work to all citizens wherever they reside in our County with professionalism, consistency, and seminal timeliness.

Now more than ever in recent history, San Diego residents are asking for access to affordable quality alternatives to entertain their families and friends.  We know the Acoustic Showcase will be just such an initiative partnering community resources with County facilities that are open and accessible to all, at no cost 365 days a year.

José Aponte, Library Director
San Diego County Library  
Music is good for you.
Support your local library, local music and local community. Visit our calendar page to find a free concert at your local library.
"These concerts are a great way to bring the community of San Diego together in celebration of local talent," said Library Director José Aponte. 

"We're proud to be able to offer them free of charge, providing our customers with affordable family fun during tough economic times."
Branch Locations
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A VERY special Thank You 
to the following branches: 

San Diego County Library Acoustic Showcase presents concerts regularly at these libraries: 
Alpine, Vista, San Marcos, 
PowayRancho San DiegoRamona and Fallbrook.

Thank you!

Thank you to the Friends of the S.D. County Library organization for sponsoring this exciting music series in it's 7th year!

For more information about San Diego County Library, please visit the Library’s Virtual Branch at


The Acoustic Showcase congratulates the San Diego County Library on being named 2012 National Library of the Year!